A 7-year-old child has been charged with arson after intentionally setting fire to their family’s house while the family members were inside

In West Virginia, a 7-year-old child has been charged with first-degree arson for deliberately setting fire to the family residence while their family members were present inside.

Following the incident, law enforcement arrested the child’s stepfather, 38-year-old Aaron Hufford of Sandyville, on charges of child abuse related to the same 7-year-old, as stated by the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department.

The fire ignited at approximately noon on Wednesday, and first responders provided medical treatment to two children for injuries sustained during the incident, as reported by Chief Deputy State Fire Marshal Robert Bailey.

“This evening a 7-year-old juvenile is in custody and charged with first degree arson after the family home was intentionally set ablaze with the parents asleep inside,” the sheriff’s office said. “Minor burn injuries occurred to two individuals, but everyone made it out of the home alive.”

Following the emergence of a video depicting Aaron Hufford striking a child and subsequently forcefully picking the child up before leaving the room, his arrest took place on Thursday, as reported by WOWK-TV. These details were mentioned in a criminal complaint.