Missouri teacher resigns after being filmed using the n-word; student suspended for taking video

On Tuesday, a high school teacher in Missouri tendered their resignation, following a few days after a student recorded them using the racial slur multiple times in class.

Mary Walton, the 15-year-old student who filmed the incident, had been previously suspended by the school due to the improper use of an electronic device.

The incident occurred last Tuesday at Glendale High School in Springfield when a teacher, whose name has not been released, reportedly used the slur several times before Walton started recording. “I wanted proof that he said it so I could give it to the office and hold him accountable for what he said,” Walton said. “I don’t think what he did was right.”

Following her suspension on Friday, Walton is scheduled to resume attending classes on Wednesday.

According to Stephen Hall, a spokesperson for Springfield Public Schools, the school’s student handbook explicitly outlines the consequences for utilizing unauthorized electronic devices within the classroom.

“SPS is confident that the district appropriately and promptly handled all matters related to what occurred at Glendale,” Hall said. “We want our schools to be safe and welcoming learning environments. When students have concerns, they should follow the appropriate steps for reporting.”

The family’s attorney, Natalie Hull, had previously attempted to overturn the suspension before classes resumed on Monday. Hull now asserts that this policy can potentially deter students from reporting incidents of inappropriate behavior exhibited by teachers.

“Frankly, many of them don’t know if they’ll be believed,” Hull told the Associated Press. “It makes sense that they would feel the need to capture hard evidence and indisputable evidence.”

Hull said she hopes the district will apologize to Walton and expunge the suspension from her record.

Kate Wellborn, Walton’s mother, said the district has so far refused to do either. “To punish someone in this situation who does the right thing, it’s absurd,” Wellborn said.