At the Met Gala, Serena Williams announces her second pregnancy

Serena Williams, the tennis superstar, is expecting her second child and isn’t concerned about revealing the news publicly.

“There’s three of us here,” she told Vogue host La La Anthony at Monday’s Met Gala. “I’m feeling good. I can breathe. I can stop. I’m not hiding.”

Serena Williams, along with her spouse Alexis Ohanian, attended the extravagant celebration that honored designer Karl Lagerfeld. The couple was accompanied by model Brooklyn Beckham and his wife, actor Nicola Peltz.

At the age of 41, Williams gave birth to Olympia Ohanian in September 2017. After three months, she returned to the sport before ultimately retiring from tennis in September 2022. In a 2022 essay for Elle, the 23-time Grand Slam champion detailed the challenges she faced during her delivery.

“All the while, I was in excruciating pain,” she recalled. “I couldn’t move at all—not my legs, not my back, nothing.”

According to Williams, she started experiencing severe coughing fits, and it was only after medical professionals examined her that they discovered she had an embolism and a hematoma. Despite the obstacles, Williams was able to overcome her health issues and was released from the hospital within a week, ready to embrace motherhood.

“I thought I was going to be really strict, but so far I’m the more lenient parent,” she wrote. “This kid has me under her finger.”

Williams wasn’t the first expectant mom to announce at the Met Gala she was pregnant with her second child. Model Karlie Kloss beat her to it.

“I got a plus one, don’t tell anybody,” beamed during Vogue’s red carpet coverage. “This is the first time I’m actually on a red carpet pregnant.”