Katy Perry has lost a trademark dispute against an Australian fashion designer named Katie Perry

An Australian fashion designer named Katie Perry has won a trademark case against singer Katy Perry.

Katie, who sells clothing under her birth name, sued the pop star, alleging that her merchandise violated a trademark that she owned. On Friday, a judge ruled that clothing sold during Katy’s 2014 tour in Australia did indeed infringe on Katie’s trademark.

“This is a tale of two women, two teenage dreams and one name,” Justice Brigitte Markovic wrote in her ruling.

The judge said the Teenage Dream singer, born Katheryn Hudson, used the Katy Perry name in “good faith” and does not owe any personal compensation to the designer.

However, the star’s company Kitty Purry must pay damages, which will be decided next month.

In 2007, the fashion designer began selling clothing under the name Katie Perry and registered it as a trademark in Australia in the following year.

The pop star, who had her first hits in 2008, was found to have breached the trademark by advertising various items such as a jacket promoting her album Roar, hoodies, T-shirts, sweatpants, and scarves related to “Cozy Little Christmas” on social media during her 2014 Australian tour.

However, the judge rejected other claims relating to merchandise sold in specific stores and websites, as well as items sold during a 2018 tour. The attempt by the singer to cancel the Katie Perry trademark was also dismissed by the judge. The fashion designer viewed the ruling as a triumph in a “David and Goliath” situation.

“Not only have I fought [for] myself, but I fought for small businesses in this country, many of them started by women, who can find themselves up against overseas entities who have much more financial power than we do,” she wrote on her website.