Upstate New York experiences a magnitude-3.6 earthquake that leaves residents shaken and scared

Officials have reported that a magnitude-3.6 earthquake occurred in upstate New York on Sunday, causing some residents to feel the shaking.

The earthquake took place in Jefferson County a little after 2 p.m., as per the United States Geological Survey, and was recorded within one mile of Adams Center, a hamlet situated approximately 10 miles south of Watertown.

“We felt it here in Fowler (east of Gouverneur),” resident Brenda Maxson commented on a Facebook post by the local news station WWNY. “House rattled, heard vibration/rumble. My Son who lives in Troy NY said he felt a slight rumble even out there (nothing big, just as if a … truck went by his apartment, which doesn’t happen often).”

Several individuals reported feeling the earthquake in Watertown, situated approximately 70 miles north of Syracuse, while some residents in the villages of Tupper Lake and Clayton also claimed to have felt the quake.

“Big bang /rumble and house shook — very scary,” wrote Adams Center resident Susan O’Donnell.

Authorities have confirmed that no injuries or damages were reported following the earthquake on Sunday. This event occurred just over a week after another earthquake with a magnitude of 2.6 hit near Adams Center on April 14, as reported by WWNY.