In a contentious interview with “60 Minutes,” Marjorie Taylor Greene alleged that the Democratic Party is being led by individuals who are pedophiles

During an interview on “60 Minutes” that was broadcast on Sunday, Marjorie Taylor Greene, a far-right Republican from Georgia, made an unfounded allegation that the Democratic Party is being led by pedophiles.

“Joe Biden, the president himself, supports children being sexualized and having transgender surgeries,” Greene told Lesley Stahl in the interview. “Sexualizing children is what pedophiles do to children.”

President Biden has criticized state-level attempts to limit the rights of transgender Americans, referring to them as “cruel” and “close to sinful.”

In addition, his administration has been working to enhance access to information regarding gender-affirming care.

Marjorie Taylor Greene’s remarks seem to suggest that advocating for gender-affirming care, which frequently does not involve surgery, is comparable to supporting pedophilia.

Prior to the CBS airing of the 14-minute “60 Minutes” segment, which was filmed before the indictment of former President Donald Trump, there was some controversy over whether the congresswoman should be given a prime-time platform, with critics expressing their concerns.

Marjorie Taylor Greene has a history of promoting bizarre conspiracy theories, such as her baseless claims that former President Barack Obama is a secret Muslim and that Representative Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) is “guilty of treason,” a crime that she believes warrants the death penalty.

On Friday, Republican former congressman from Illinois, Adam Kinzinger, criticized the decision to air the interview as “insane” in a tweet. Magazine journalist Nikole Hannah-Jones also expressed her opinion on Saturday that the interview was a form of “normalizing” segregationists, similar to what mainstream media had done in the past.

During the airing of the segment, liberal commentator Keith Olbermann took to Twitter to voice his opinion, calling it a “bad look.”

CBS News has not yet responded to criticisms made about the interview.

Despite including personal aspects, such as showing Greene weightlifting and speaking with her constituents, the “60 Minutes” interview also featured Stahl challenging Greene on her beliefs and statements. The exchange occasionally grew contentious.

Greene claimed that the Democratic Party supports “grooming children” and that she would “definitely” call them a party of pedophiles, to which Stahl responded by stating, “They are not pedophiles. Why would you say that?” Greene retorted by accusing the president of sexualizing children.

In a tweet on Saturday, Greene commended Stahl, an experienced 81-year-old journalist.

“It was an honor to spend a few days with the legendary icon Leslie Stahl,” Greene wrote, misspelling Stahl’s first name. “Leslie is a trailblazer for women in journalism.”

On Sunday, Greene announced that she would be heading to New York on Tuesday to protest against Trump’s anticipated detention in relation to the Stormy Daniels’ hush money controversy.

Controversial subjects are not something “60 Minutes” tends to avoid.

The show has previously conducted interviews with Timothy McVeigh, the perpetrator of the Oklahoma City bombing; Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia; and Ayatollah Khomeini of Iran.