Police detectives in New York have arrested a second suspect in connection with the murder of a grandfather in East Harlem last year

Police have apprehended a second suspect in connection with the murder of a grandfather in East Harlem in 2021.

Herbert Byrd, aged 47, is accused of directing Tito Llanes, the gunman who shot Sylvester “Big West” Topping.

Byrd was charged with murder and weapons possession and was arrested on Wednesday. According to a complaint filed in Manhattan Criminal Court, Byrd pointed out Topping to Llanes, who fired a gun multiple times at the vehicle in which Topping was a passenger.

Topping’s fiancée said he was killed by a bullet that came through the car window while they were attending a friend’s birthday party.

He was pronounced dead at Metropolitan Hospital after the shooting in the early hours of September 11, 2021.

“A lot of us who were there didn’t know what happened — didn’t know who was shooting, where the shooting was coming from,” the fiancée told.

“Everybody was getting [up] to leave the party, and I don’t know if something was going on.”

Even though Byrd pointed out the car to Llanes, it was not immediately clear whether the two had meant to kill Topping or another person in the vehicle.

Sylvester Topping, who was known as Big West and a resident of the Morrisania neighborhood in the Bronx, was a father of three, stepfather of two, and grandfather of three. He was known for his love of cooking and his kind heart, as per an online obituary.

Herbert Byrd, who resided in Washington Heights, and Tito Llanes, who lived in Boreum Hill, Brooklyn, were the other suspects involved in Topping’s murder.

“If you know Big West, then you know that he was he was the community chef providing an array of foods such as turkey wings [and] steak and fish sandwiches, just to name a few of his specialties,” his family wrote at the time.

Police arrested Tito Llanes, 27, on Wednesday for the murder of Sylvester “Big West” Topping in 2021. Llanes was charged with murder, assault, criminal possession of a weapon, and reckless endangerment.

He and Herbert Byrd, who was also charged in connection with the murder, were both arraigned and ordered held without bail. Topping’s fiancée, who chose to remain anonymous, expressed relief upon learning of the arrests.

“I’m happy that they got him,” the fiancée told The News after cops busted Llanes. “I’m happy. I didn’t feel like there was going to be a breakthrough.”