Andrew Tate has been granted house arrest while the investigation is ongoing after being released from jail in Romania

On Friday, Andrew Tate, a well-known internet personality, along with his brother, Tristan Tate, and two other individuals who are under investigation for human trafficking and rape, were released from a Romanian prison and placed under house arrest.

The accusations against the Tates include physical violence and psychological manipulation, according to multiple women. Both brothers are originally from England and have a background in kickboxing. They deny any wrongdoing.

The arrest was carried out by Romanian organized crime investigators on December 29th.

Last week, the court of appeals overturned a judge’s ruling to continue detaining the Tates and their associates for a fourth consecutive 30-day period. They will remain under house arrest until April 29th, but no charges have been filed against them yet.

The Romanian authorities seized assets worth almost $4 million from a compound near Bucharest connected to the Tates, who left England in approximately 2017. The Tates attempted to contest the seizure of their properties, which include a Rolls-Royce and sports cars, but were unsuccessful. If the assets were obtained illegally, they could be sold to compensate the alleged victims.

Six victims reported being lured into the Tates’ opulent lifestyle of luxury cars and designer clothes under the pretense of finding love, only to be exploited and intimidated. In December, Andrew Tate threatened legal action against one of the accusers, according to the BBC.

In 2017, Andrew Tate’s language caused him to be banned from Twitter, but his account was reinstated after Elon Musk, a billionaire, acquired the platform in October. However, Tate was removed from TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook in 2022.

While in prison, Tate made references to “The Matrix” film series and suggested that there was a group called “they” that aimed to control people in his Twitter posts.

“Jail either breaks or builds you,” he told his 5.4 million followers in late February, adding that he was keeping himself busy by working on “lessons and plans for the students of The Real World.”