Roofs torn apart and vehicles damaged in Los Angeles area by what appears to be a tornado

On Wednesday afternoon, a potential tornado hit a suburb of Los Angeles causing substantial damage to a series of commercial buildings and injuring one person.

The National Weather Service dispatched crews to Montebello to evaluate the harm done. On Tuesday, there were reports of another tornado hitting Carpinteria. While five structures and a limited number of automobiles have been affected, the total damage is yet to be assessed.

The individual who sustained injuries was taken to the hospital, and the extent of the injury is unclear, as per the city’s spokesperson, Alex Gillman.

The likelihood that the violent cloud was a tornado is “very possible” said meteorologist Rose Schoenfeld. “It’s definitely not something that’s common for the region,” she said in a statement from the weather service.

Schoenfeld pointed out that their Los Angeles office had not dispatched tornado assessment teams since an incident in Ventura County in 2016.

The recent severe weather was part of a huge rainstorm that hit San Francisco earlier in the week, claiming the lives of two individuals.

The storm caused trees and power lines to fall, tore off windows from high-rises in San Francisco, and also resulted in three barges breaking loose and causing damage to a nearby bridge.

In Los Angeles, a record was broken with 1.4 inches of rainfall, which surpassed the previous record of 1.34 inches set in 1983.

Early on Wednesday, reported that around 121,000 customers in California were without electricity.

After experiencing an unusual winter that included heavy rainfall, snow in mountainous areas, and a “blizzard warning,” the first days of spring have brought more of the same to the state.