Arizona judge faces ‘super extreme DUI’ charge after whopping .219 BAC

Despite being a judge, Celé Hancock of Yavapai County Superior Court is facing four counts of suspicion of DUI, including a “Super Extreme DUI.”

Prescott, Arizona police reported that Hancock’s breathalyzer tests recorded .219 and .214, which is nearly three times the legal limit of .08 when she was taken into custody after a traffic stop at 4:13 p.m.

According to the law, a reading of .15 constitutes Super Extreme DUI. Hancock, who has been a practicing attorney in Arizona for 27 years and was elected to the bench in 2010, seemed cognizant enough to recognize the gravity of the situation when she consented to two more sobriety tests after a field test revealed her drunken state.

CBS affiliate Arizona’s Family reported this news.

“Sure, it does not matter,” she said. “My career is already over.”

Yavapai County Superior Court released a statement saying that it would collect “as much information as possible” about Hancock’s arrest. Eventually, she requested to consult with an attorney while in custody.

According to reports, police encountered the judge while responding to a call about an intoxicated woman who was stumbling through a Safeway grocery store. When she left the parking lot in her Toyota 4Runner and drove onto Montezuma Street, officers intervened.

“Umm… I’m going back to Safeway to get my wallet,” she reportedly slurred.

According to police, Hancock claimed that she was at Safeway to purchase medication for her seizures. After a successful blood draw, she was issued a citation and released.

Hancock’s father is a retired judge, and she began her legal career as a Maricopa County prosecutor, according to the legal website Trellis. She also worked with the FBI and is a graduate of the University of Arizona.