After sensing the One Vanderbilt skyscraper “shake,” office workers head towards the exits

On Tuesday, employees working in one of the city’s latest and tallest skyscrapers became frightened as they experienced the sensation of the building shaking.

As per a spokeswoman, the 1,401-foot-high building located on E. 42nd St. was being serviced when one of its elevators malfunctioned.

“Earlier today an exterior elevator at SUMMIT One Vanderbilt malfunctioned while mechanics were performing maintenance on it, causing a vibration to be felt in the building,” said Maddy Berry.

Despite the absence of any casualties or destruction, individuals working within the edifice resorted to Twitter to express their frightening encounter.

“Working at #onevanderbilt today and it felt like the floor dropped 5 feet and continued to bounce,” wrote one user. “Evacuated to Madison Avenue and mutiple [sic] floors are reporting this.”

The woman wrote that at least floors 13, 33 and 60 felt a similar tremor.

“So far they say they are investigating and there is ‘no cause for concern,’” the user continued. “It is very scary.”

In September 2020, One Vanderbilt was inaugurated and comprises a public transit hall spanning over 4,000 square feet. The transit hall features two subway entrances at the street level and a pathway that links with the adjacent Grand Central Station.

The building’s observation deck, which their website boasts as “a three-level multisensory art immersion unlike any other,” is closed on Tuesdays.