Police in Detroit have announced that the two missing rappers found dead in the city were victims of gang-related violence

Police stated on Friday that the killings of two Detroit rappers and their companion, who were discovered dead with gunshot wounds in a deserted apartment complex, were connected to gang activity.

The Michigan State Police Department provided this information in an effort to eliminate any rumors surrounding the investigation into the deaths of Armani Kelly, Montoya Givens, and Dante Wicker.

“We know there are a lot of media/social media rumors about this investigation,” police said. “While we have to keep some things private, we know a couple of things: There is no one in custody for this homicide [and] this homicide was not random and had nothing to due with music or a performance.”

On January 21, the same night the Detroit rappers were compelled to cancel their gig at Lounge 31 due to equipment problems, all three men, including Armani Kelly (stage name Marley Whoop), Dante Wicker (stage name B12), and Montoya Givens, disappeared. Two days later, their family members filed missing reports as they failed to make contact with any of them.

On February 2, their bodies were found in the basement of an abandoned apartment in Highland Park, located about 10 minutes from Detroit. Their remains were concealed under heaps of debris and construction materials, and they had been shot multiple times.

According to the Detroit Free Press, Kelly, Wicker, and Givens met in jail, and at the time of their disappearance, Kelly and Givens were on parole, according to the state Corrections Department.

“This was a gang violence-related incident,” police said. “There are other people that know the details and we need them to come forward. … Together we can bring closure to these families.”