The castle featured in ‘Downton Abbey’ has halted weddings as a result of both Brexit and a lack of personnel

Finding capable staff at the real-life ‘Downton Abbey’ has proven to be a challenge. The castle, Highclere Castle, which was used as the primary filming location for the popular period drama, has put a halt to weddings due to a shortage of employees resulting from Brexit.

Located in Hampshire, Southern England, the Victorian castle has been a sought-after wedding venue for many years, with an average of 25 weddings and 100 guests hosted annually.

Countess Fiona Carnarvon, who co-owns the castle with her husband, the eighth Earl of Carnarvon, attributed the staffing issues to Brexit and the difficulty in hiring workers from the European Union.

“There are no staff,” she told Reuters, describing the shortage of EU students studying in Britain who had previously made up much of the employee base at the venue.

“We have stopped being able to offer any weddings of any substantial size because of Brexit,” she said.

“When we go to our usual agencies and try to find people, they are not there. If we asked for 10, three might turn up… there’s nobody we haven’t asked.”