The ongoing flooding in California has resulted in two fatalities and left 25,000 individuals without power

According to CNN, the escalating floods in California have led to the evacuation of around 10,000 individuals from their homes.

The floods have also resulted in the loss of two lives and have left several others stranded.

The recent devastating events in California have been caused by severe winter storms, prompting the Weather Prediction Center to issue a Level 4 out of 4 warning for excessive rainfall.

In response to the situation, President Biden has approved a state of emergency declaration that will enable California to access federal assistance for recovery efforts.

According to, approximately 25,000 residents are presently without power in the area, while 25 million others are under flood alerts issued by the National Weather Service.

The floods have come at a time when numerous individuals in California’s mountainous regions are still stranded due to snow from previous snowfall. Unfortunately, rising rivers could potentially cause further damage to the area.

“Multiple rounds of rainfall in addition to melting snow will result in the potential for significant rises along streams and rivers, with widespread flooding impacts possible through early next week,” said Nancy Ward, director of the state’s Office of Emergency Services, in a Friday press conference.

Numerous regions are anticipated to face severe flash flooding.

As of Friday, Governor Gavin Newsom has declared a state of emergency for 34 out of 58 counties in the state, and over a dozen shelters have been established for individuals who have been displaced from their homes.

CalTrans, California’s transportation department, currently has over 4,000 crew members working tirelessly around the clock to tackle the extreme weather conditions by removing fallen trees and clearing drainage systems. In addition, the California National Guard has deployed 36 high water vehicles to aid in the rescue operations.

The town of Soquel is facing a challenging situation, with nearly 700 individuals trapped due to a road collapse caused by water damage following a pipe failure.

“This is the one road that leads into town,” said Soquel resident Molly Watson. “We are now an island.”

The rain is forecasted to persist until Friday evening, and the storms are also anticipated to bring inclement weather to other regions in the United States.

Winter weather advisories have been put in place from South Dakota to Connecticut. In Wisconsin, some areas have experienced heavy snowfall, with 6-8 inches of snow, leading to power outages for over 100,000 people, as reported by