Just as it appeared that Tiger Woods had regained his form, his world was about to be shaken once more

Tiger Woods’ personal life is set to face further public scrutiny.

Despite appearing to have settled down and become a content family man with a long-term partner and two children, Woods’ world is once again set to be turned upside down in the public eye.

His girlfriend of six years, Erica Herman, is taking legal action in Martin County, Florida, seeking to nullify a nondisclosure agreement Woods made her sign at the beginning of their relationship.

Herman claims that the agreement should not be enforced due to the Speak Out Act, which allows exemptions in cases of sexual assault or harassment.

While there is no evidence or allegation of such behavior on Woods’ part, his past history raises concerns. In 2009, Woods was embroiled in a public cheating scandal that led to the end of his marriage to Elin Nordegren, with whom he has two children.

Numerous women came forward with details of their affairs with Woods, many of whom made money through paid appearances and interviews.

It is likely that Woods asked Herman to sign the NDA to safeguard himself against any future disclosures in case their relationship ended on bad terms.

However, the current situation suggests otherwise. Interestingly, this recent episode of Woods’ personal life does not seem to be related to any infidelity issues.

It seems that the issue at hand is related to money. Herman claims that she was evicted from the house that she shared with Woods.

Herman was an integral part of Woods’ life, accompanying him to many tournaments and even spending time with his children.

She played an active role in his personal life, attending the children’s sporting events and seemingly having a positive impact on Woods, making him more grounded and content. This change in Woods’ demeanor was evident in his interactions with the press.

Unlike some of Woods’ previous partners, such as world-class skier Lindsey Vonn, Herman was not famous or flashy.

Herman had an unassuming, girl-next-door demeanor, and she shared a close bond with Woods’ children. I distinctly remember seeing Herman sitting with Woods’ mother, Tida, and his children, Sam and Charlie, at a corner table in the Augusta National clubhouse during the 2019 Masters tournament when Woods was on the verge of victory.

Herman showered attention on the kids, who were excitedly devouring candy and leaving wrappers everywhere, while she anxiously watched Woods on the TV screen as he pursued his 15th major championship title.

This current situation is not the outcome that the Woods-Herman relationship seemed to be heading towards, based on their public appearances.

The unexpected court filing by Herman came as a surprise to many in the golf community. Interestingly, she was not seen with Woods at the last three golf events he attended, including the Hero World Challenge in the Bahamas, the PNC Championship, and the Genesis Invitational held last month.

The recent separation between Woods and Herman is a reminder that one can never be sure what goes on in someone’s life behind closed doors, even with those who may seem familiar based on their public appearances.