A man from Utah reportedly committed bank robbery and demanded to be sent to federal prison in exchange for a mere $1

On Monday, Donald Santacroce, aged 65, entered a Salt Lake City-based bank and requested a mere $1.

According to NBC News, he then demanded to be apprehended by the police, so that he could be sent to federal prison.

The incident took place at the Wells Fargo Bank situated near South Main Street.

Santacroce allegedly slipped the teller a note that read, “Please pardon me for doing this but this is a robbery. Please give me $1.00 Thank you.”

After making the demand, he requested the bank employees to alert the police, and subsequently settled in the bank lobby, expressing dissatisfaction over the delay in police response.

“Donald made a statement to the victims that they are lucky [he] didn’t have a gun because it was taking the police so long to get there,” read the affidavit from the arrest.

During the wait, as a precautionary measure for their safety, the bank branch manager secluded the employees in the backroom. The incident did not result in any injuries.

Upon the arrival of the police, Santacroce handed them the $1 bill and acknowledged that his intention was to commit robbery, which constitutes a federal offense. Furthermore, he informed the officers that if he was released from custody, he would rob another bank.

As of Wednesday, the reason behind Santacroce’s desire to be sent to federal prison remains undisclosed by the Salt Lake City Police Department. Additionally, the previous week, he was taken into custody by Utah Highway Patrol for driving under the influence and reckless driving.