Zoom CEO Greg Tomb terminated from his position ‘without cause’

Greg Tomb, a former Google executive and president of the video conferencing platform Zoom, has been fired from his role “without cause”, according to a regulatory filing from the company.

Tomb had joined Zoom in June 2022 and had been active on earnings calls and overseeing the company’s sales. The company spokesperson confirmed that they are not looking for a replacement for Tomb.

He reported directly to CEO Eric Yuan, who founded Zoom in 2011 and led the company’s growth during the pandemic, where it became a household name with millions of daily participants on its platform.

At the time of Mr Tomb’s appointment, Mr Yuan said he was excited about the strength he was adding to the leadership team: “Greg is a highly respected technology industry leader and has deep experience in helping to scale companies at critical junctures.”

After joining the team with excitement to help in “driving growth” as companies worldwide addressed their communication needs, Greg Tomb, former Google executive and President of Zoom, has been fired from his position “without cause”, according to the company’s regulatory filing.

Mr Tomb had been overseeing the company’s sales and had been active on earnings calls since June 2022.

A spokesperson for Zoom stated that the company is not seeking a replacement for Mr Tomb. He reported to CEO Eric Yuan, who founded Zoom in 2011 and led the company to become one of the pandemic’s biggest winners as screen time increased and people stayed home.

Nonetheless, Zoom has struggled to maintain its pandemic boom, leading to the company laying off 1,300 employees, or 15% of its staff, in February due to waning demand, despite having tripled its headcount during the pandemic.

“We didn’t take as much time as we should have to thoroughly analyse our teams or assess if we were growing sustainably, toward the highest priorities,” Mr Yuan said.

Zoom, which has faced challenges in maintaining its pandemic-fueled growth, risks being overshadowed by competitors like Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and Slack, as businesses seek to reduce expenses amid a downturn in the economy.

To diversify its offerings, Zoom revealed plans in 2021 to incorporate email and calendar functions, as well as a chatbot to assist users with troubleshooting problems. Additionally, the company is developing Zoom Sports.