A woman has been charged for a widely circulated racist tirade that she directed at a pizza shop in Pennsylvania

The Philadelphia Inquirer reported on Friday that Rita Bellew, a 55-year-old CPA from Hatboro, Pennsylvania, has been charged with ethnic intimidation and harassment after her racist outburst at Amy’s Family Pizzeria went viral on social media.

In the video, Bellew can be seen berating co-owner Omar Quiñonez for playing a Spanish language program on the restaurant’s television. When Quiñonez questioned her objection to the program, Bellew became furious.

“What’s wrong with that?” she said. “Because you’re not American dude.”

Bellew criticized Quiñonez for not speaking English while in the United States. However, he responded in English, indicating that he does in fact speak the language.

Following her initial remarks, Bellew went on to rant about her family’s long history in the United States, threatened to force Quiñonez to leave town, labeled him as an illegal immigrant, accused him of being ignorant, and claimed that he was being disrespectful.

When Bellew noticed someone recording her outburst from behind the counter, she accused that person of being racist.

“This is our first Karen!” an employee can be heard saying off-camera.

According to Dictionary.com, a “Karen” is defined as a middle-aged white woman who is rude, angry, entitled, and often racist, using her privilege to control the behavior of others or get what she wants.

The incident at Amy’s Family Pizzeria was widely circulated online, prompting a search to identify the woman responsible. The Philadelphia Inquirer managed to track down Rita Bellew after obtaining a police report from the Hatboro Police Department. Bellew cited her and her father’s health problems as a possible explanation for her behavior, stating that “whatever happened in there was a combination of everything.”

When law enforcement officials informed Bellew that she was being banned from the pizzeria, she reportedly responded by portraying herself as a victim, saying “I’m too damn white.”

After being charged, Bellew spoke to the Inquirer and stated that she did not want to offer any excuses for her behavior.

“I’m profoundly sorry,” she said.

According to the Inquirer, Bellew denied being racist and characterized herself as “conservative,” though not necessarily a supporter of former President Trump.

In a separate development, Amy’s Family Pizzeria stated on its Facebook page that the Telemundo morning show “Hoy Dia” had filmed an episode there on Monday.

Quiñonez, the co-owner, informed Pennsylvania public radio station WHYY that he remained composed despite feeling humiliated.

“We’re all human beings,” he said.

Quiñonez said that the business has been thriving since the incident. However, the increased volume of orders has led to longer wait times. To express their gratitude for the support, the pizzeria has displayed a sign at the register.