The record for the highest number of subscribers on Twitch has been broken by the streamer Kai Cenat.

Following a month-long effort to increase subscriptions, Kai Cenat, a 21-year-old US streamer, has set a new Twitch record for the highest number of subscribers.

Through his ‘subathon’ campaign launched on February 1st, Cenat live-streamed around the clock, chatting, gaming, interviewing guests, and even sleeping on camera, amassing a total of 300,000 subscribers.

He officially surpassed Ludwig Ahgren, the previous record holder, on Tuesday. Twitch is a streaming platform where people play video games while interacting with viewers.

Ludwig held the previous record with 283,000 viewers during a non-stop stream in April 2021, but Cenat’s own subscription marathon, which is extended with each subscription to the channel, surpassed that record after two years.

Twitch provides a way for users to support their preferred streamers and creators on the platform through subscriptions.

The basic subscription package in the UK is priced at £3.99, while in the US, it is $4.99, with higher tiers being more expensive.

Additionally, subscribers can be gifted to other viewers, allowing wealthier fans to contribute to the increase in subscriber numbers.

At the beginning of February, Cenat launched his streaming marathon to coincide with the start of Black History Month in the US. During the month, he entertained viewers with appearances from guests such as comedian Reggie Brown and an impersonator of Barack Obama.

On February 22nd, he achieved the distinction of being the first African-American streamer to reach 200,000 Twitch subscribers.

Upon confirming that he had surpassed the 300,000 subscriber mark on Tuesday, Cenat shared with his viewers that the streaming marathon was the most challenging thing he had ever undertaken.

“Stop saying ‘I did it’ – we did it,” he said, as the total subscriber count ticked over 300,000. “On the last day of Black History Month, we broke 300,000!

“And I’m so happy I did it with the people around me. I couldn’t have chosen anybody else to do this with,” he added.

Although Cenat’s ongoing stream may attract a few more subscribers, his subathon is set to conclude soon, as he had committed to ending it within 30 days.

It remains uncertain whether he intends to take a brief hiatus from the platform before resuming regular Twitch streams.