After serving for 9 years, Susan Wojcicki, the CEO of YouTube, has announced that she will be stepping down from her position

Susan Wojcicki, the CEO of YouTube and one of Google’s earliest employees, has announced that she is stepping down from her role at the tech giant, which began in her garage almost 25 years ago.

In a personal update on the video-sharing platform on Thursday, Wojcicki revealed that her deputy Neal Mohan, a senior advertising and product executive who has been with Google since 2008, will take over her position.

The transition of leadership comes as YouTube faces mounting competition from short-form video platforms such as TikTok and Facebook’s Reels, as well as streaming services like Netflix, and as the company’s advertising revenue has declined for the second consecutive quarter.

As the chief product officer at YouTube since 2015, Mohan has been responsible for developing the platform’s subscription offerings, music, and YouTube Shorts. Mohan is a graduate of Stanford University.

Prior to his appointment as the new CEO of YouTube, Neal Mohan spent approximately six years at DoubleClick, which was acquired by Google in 2008.

He then served as Google’s Senior Vice President of Display and Video Advertising for about eight years.

Meanwhile, Susan Wojcicki, one of the most notable women in the technology industry, has stated that she will concentrate on “family, health, and personal projects” following her departure from YouTube. She also intends to take on an advisory role at Alphabet.

In 2014, she assumed the position of CEO of YouTube after having served as Senior Vice President for Ad Products at Google.

However, following her decision to step down, some analysts have speculated that it may have been due to YouTube’s recent poor performance. “It appears to me that this is a forced departure resulting from YouTube’s lackluster performance in recent quarters… It remains unclear whether Mohan, who has had a relatively modest public presence, possesses the leadership abilities required to revive YouTube,” commented Insider Intelligence analyst, Paul Verna.