Twice in a span of two days, the United States intercepted Russian warplanes near Alaska

According to officials on Thursday, the US military dispatched jets to intercept Russian bombers and fighter planes off the coast of Alaska on two consecutive days this week.

On Tuesday, North American Aerospace Defense Command reported that Air Force F-35s intercepted two bombers and two fighter jets belonging to the Russians. The day before, four other Russian aircraft were intercepted while flying over the neutral waters of the Chukchi Sea and the Sea of Okhotsk.

Despite the interceptions, the bombers did not enter US or Canadian airspace, remaining in international airspace during both incidents.

The recent intercepts of Russian planes near Alaska occurred just prior to the first anniversary of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

However, officials have expressed little concern over the proximity of the Kremlin planes to the United States.

According to a statement released by NORAD on Thursday, this type of Russian activity near the Alaska Air Defense Identification Zone occurs regularly, is not considered threatening, and is not viewed as provocative.

Officials added that Russian planes are intercepted six to seven times a year.

The recent incidents are unrelated to the recent instances of spy balloons and unidentified objects that have been shot down, some of which flew over Alaska.

In addition, Dutch officials announced that they intercepted three Russian military aircraft near Poland earlier this week.

The aircraft approached the Polish NATO area of responsibility from Kaliningrad, a Russian city situated between Poland and Lithuania along the Baltic Sea coast.