A ballet director from Germany was dismissed from their position after they were found to have rubbed dog excrement on the face of a critic

On Thursday, the Hannover State Opera fired Marco Goecke, a German ballet director, for his act of rubbing dog excrement on the face of dance critic Wiebke Huester from the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.

Goecke had been suspended after the incident occurred on Saturday, when Huester had criticized Goecke’s latest show, “In The Dutch Mountains,” stating that it made her feel both “driven mad and killed by boredom.”

The Hannover State Opera stated that Marco Goecke would need to apologize “comprehensively” for his actions before being allowed to return to his position.

On Tuesday, Goecke apologized for his “absolutely unacceptable act,” expressing his sincere regrets to all parties involved, especially Ms. Huester.

However, he also criticized Huester for her “often nasty reviews” and offered stress as an excuse for his behavior in the highly competitive world of ballet.

Huester was not satisfied with his apology and expressed her disappointment on a German TV show.

Despite Goecke’s apology, it was not considered “comprehensive” enough, leading to the termination of his contract by the opera house on Thursday.

In addition, Huester filed a criminal complaint against Goecke, who is currently under investigation for bodily harm and slander.

This incident is likely to follow Goecke for the remainder of his career.