Sehatify, Pakistan’s Game Changing Digital Health Start-up

Sehatify is a Karachi based digital health start-up which was co-founded by Mr. Ali Kalani and Ms. Parneeya Abbas back in 2020 during covid lockdown, with the aim of making health affordable all across Pakistan. Sehatify currently has more than 2500 health coupons with up to 30% discount from reputable health facilities nationwide.

The Android app can be downloaded from Google Playstore through which discounts can be availed by showing automated scan-able QR codes at respective partner locations. By really getting to know the application userbase, their talented team is in position to offer unique and customized health coupons backed by Pakistan’s well established Hospitals, Clinics, Laboratories, Pharmacies & Diagnostic Centers.

The start-up also aims to arrange health camps, health awareness seminars and donation campaigns in collaboration with their partners. Users can also sign up as a volunteer through their app and take part in meaningful social work that actually benefits those in need.

Many reputable health organizations have chosen Sehatify as their trusted digital coupon partner. As a company, they believe in building long lasting partnerships and working towards making Pakistan a better place to live. The partnership form is available on both, their website and on their app.

Mr. Ali Kalani recently met with Chughtai Lab’s corporate sales manager Mr. Ammar Kazmi to discuss about the vision of their app and how they would like to bring Chughtai Lab on-board in order to provide a valuable discount coupon for the users. Mr. Ammar Kazmi understood the vision of Sehatify and agreed to be part of this initiative. His expression of trust is expressed in believing in the mission of Sehatify.

Sehatify successfully signed an MOU with Chughtai Labs in December, 2022. Both companies mutually agreed upon providing 30% discount coupon for the users. You can simply search “Chughtai Lab” on the app and access the coupon. Their strong and firm handshake means that they’re looking forward to a long and healthy relationship.

In near future, they’re looking for a successful seed funding from a Pakistan based venture capital firm in order to expand their operations nationwide, which will allow them to partner with wide variety of health facilities and create a hardworking team that is there for customers 24/7 in a well-equipped office that meets the criteria of modern state-of-the-art start up headquarters.

Sehatify aims to create a powerful change in Pakistan during these high inflation times. They want to provide citizens of Pakistan with the highest discounts at reputable health facilities so that every single life gets a fighting chance and make sure that they and their family members get a quality treatment at affordable prices. Not only that, but the money saved during the treatment can later be used to fulfil education and household needs. Mr. Kalani believes that it’s difficult to create 100 jobs, but it’s really easy to help thousands of people save their money. And you know what they say, “A penny saved is a penny earned.”