President Vladimir Putin said Russian regulators have approved a 2nd Covid-19 vaccine after early trials

President Vladimir Putin said on Wednesday that Russian experts have approved a 2nd Covid-19 vaccine after early trials, with more detailed study coming later.

Created by the Vector Institute in Siberia, the 2nd vaccine approved since August finished early-stage human trials in September. The large-scale Phase III trial is not yet under way.

Russian authorities said around 60K dosages of the new vaccine, EpiVacCorona, will be rolled out soon. This vaccine uses virus fragments to teach the immune system to protect itself.

According to the Associated Press, The Vector Institute tested the vaccine among 100 people in early-stage, placebo-controlled human trials, lasting more than 2 months & completed 2 weeks ago, on subjects between 18 & 60 years old.

While not publishing the results of that research, those creating the vaccine said it developed enough antibodies to protect the individual who had it from the Covid-19, with immunity for up to 6 months.