An Indiana man sentenced to life behind bars for killing his ex & then eating her organs

A guy from Indiana, Joseph Oberhansley, has been sentenced to life behind bars without the possibility of parole for taking life of his 46-year-old ex-girlfriend & then consuming her organs.

Oberhansley was found guilty in September on murder & burglary charges in connection with the 2014 slaying of Tammy Jo Blanton. The woman was found dead & dismembered in the bathtub of her Jefferson home the morning of Sept. 11 that year.

Blanton was stabbed at least 25 times & authorities said that she was also sexually assaulted. Oberhansley was charged with rape but not convicted.

Officials said they also found Oberhansley at the house with a skillet, a bloody pair of tongs and a plate with what appeared to be skull & bones on it nearby. Oberhansley confessed that day to murdering and cannibalizing his ex, but has since changed his statement, instead claiming 2 black men barged into the residence & murdered Blanton.

His legal representatives have also said Oberhansley was coerced into giving the statement. They also condemned the life sentence, calling it the case a psychological issue rather than a criminal matter.