2 arrested in the death of a Texas girl who was deprived of food & punished to jump on trampoline during a hot day

Two people have been arrested in the demise of an 8-year-old Texas girl, who was supposedly deprived of food & punished to jump on the trampoline during a hot summer day.

On Monday, 44-year-old Daniel Schwarz & 34-year-old Ashley Schwarz were both arrested & charged with capital murder, months after the young girl passed away from dehydration.

Cops with the Odessa Police Department responded to a report at a residence in the city on Aug. 29. When they reached the house, they found the child, who was pronounced dead moments later.

An investigation into the incident revealed the girl wasn’t permitted to eat breakfast before she was forced to jump non-stop on the trampoline that day. Officials said the temperatures on the trampoline that day climbed to 110 degrees while the ground reached 150 degrees.

Officials said further investigation revealed that the girl wasn’t permitted to drink any water because she was not jumping.

KOSA-TV identified the girl as Jaylin. Her family members told the station that Daniel & Ashley Schwarz were not her parents, but her “guardians.”