Microsoft disrupted a massive hacking operation that could have affected election infrastructure

American multinational technology company Microsoft took down the servers behind Trickbot, an enormous malware network that hackers were using to launch other cyberattacks, including a strain of highly potent ransomware.

According to The Washington Post, tech giant said it obtained a federal court order to disable the IP addresses associated with Trickbot’s servers, & worked with telecom providers around the world to stamp out the network. The action coincides with an offensive by US Cyber Command to disrupt the hackers, at least temporarily.

Microsoft acknowledged that the cyber-criminals are likely to adapt & seek to revive their operations eventually. But, Microsoft said, the company’s efforts reflect a “new legal approach” that may help officials fight the network going forward.

Trickbot allowed attackers to sell what Microsoft said was a service to other hackers, offering them the capability to inject vulnerable computers, routers & other devices with other malware.