Retail companies with functioning e-commerce businesses are reporting record-breaking increase in online sales

The Covid-19 pandemic has distributed retail organizations into 2 distinct parts: those with operational e-commerce businesses, & those without. Many of the have-nots won’t survive the harsh pandemic.

The coronavirus crisis made Amazon to hire more employees & overhaul its supply chains. But the company has emerged stronger than ever, repeatedly trouncing Wall Street’s sales expectations.

Other retail organizations that invested heavily in e-commerce before the Covid-19 crisis are also thriving. Walmart is one example, but there are other less obvious success stories. Ikea, which is best known for its cavernous big box stores, reported a 45% rise in online sales over the 12 months to August.

A research firm eMarketer estimated in June that United States e-commerce sales will rise 18% to $710 billion in 2020. Worldwide sales will increase 16.5% to $3.9 trillion.