President Donald Trump has no discipline, no clear worldview and no strategy to govern

Trump arrived back to the Office on Wednesday, less than 7 days after he tested positive for Covid-19. Still presumably infectious, still shedding the deadly virus, he simply didn’t care that he’s exposing more White House employees. A top economic adviser would not say whether Trump has been wearing a face cover; this after dozens of employees have tested positive.

But this is Trump, it doesn’t end there. President himself is an active volcano, a destructive vortex of instability.

The person who cites a surging stock market as a signature achievement triggered a 600-point plunge on Tuesday by tweeting that he had directed his representatives to “stop negotiations” on further Covid-19 stimulus package, until “after the election…after I win.” With the markets panicking, President did a U-turn & hours later said he would sign bills, albeit only those focusing only on airline relief and stimulus checks.

Some see such impulsiveness & blame coronavirus or the previously experimental medicines he’s taking. But even at his healthiest & clearest-minded, president is insanely unpredictable. Over 5 days in April, he veered wildly, first asserting “total” power to start the economy, then deferring to governors, then tweet-bombing Democratic governors to “LIBERATE!” their states.

President has no discipline, no clear worldview & no strategy to govern. We just can’t have 4 more years of this.