A 45-year-old Texas man who sold a gun that was later used in a mass shooting pleaded guilty to 2 gun crimes

A 45-year-old Texas man who sold an assault rifle that was later utilized in a mass shooting pleaded guilty to 2 gun crimes on Wednesday, officials reported.

Marcus Braziel sold a gun to Seth Ator 3 years before Ator killed 7 individuals & injured 25 more in the west Texas towns of Midland & Odessa in September 2019.

Ator first attempted to purchase a rifle in 2014 but was refused over a “mental health issue.” But Braziel did not run a background check on Ator, allowing the crazy man to buy the rifle that he’d later use to shoot 32 people.

Background checks aren’t necessary for small-time deals in Texas, but federal law requires anyone who “engages in the business of dealing in firearms” to be licensed & perform background checks for sales.

Braziel accepted that he was in the “business of dealing in fire arms,” the Justice Department said in a press release. Braziel would purchase gun parts, put them together & sell for profit.

Braziel never ran background checks, & the federal authorities said he sold 4 guns to individuals who wouldn’t have passed one. He pleaded guilty to 1 count of dealing firearms without a license & 1 count of subscribing to a false tax return.