Imposing restrictions in parts of Brooklyn & Queens with high virus numbers are bitter but necessary drug

Trump’s false claims aside, coronavirus is to be feared and feared greatly. Which is why the safety measures being imposed on sections of Brooklyn & Queens with extremely high COVID numbers are bitter but necessary drug.

There’s plenty of rancor between sparring partners Mayor de Blasio and Gov. Cuomo on this and everything else, but they agree that these badly affected hot spots, predominantly populated by Hasidic & Haredi Jews, have to abide by stricter social distancing rules to squelch the infection.

De Blasio wanted restrictions based on zip codes. Cuomo demands zones drawn along more precise, data-driven boundaries, with stricter safety measures in hot zones than in surrounding buffer zones. That’s more sensible, provided it happens rapidly & zones are quickly and clearly drawn.

Schools, public and yeshivas alike, have already switched to 100% virtual teaching. Now stores, save grocers and pharmacies, will be closed at least 2 weeks, restaurants ratcheted back to takeout & delivery only. Mass gatherings, already limited, are barred. As everywhere, face covers must be worn outside the home, especially indoors.

Houses of worship, where too many individuals have packed in for too long in defiance even of the old 50-person maximum, gatherings are now capped at 10 people, a minyan, or quorum, necessary for Jewish services. This more than anywhere else is where the fight will be won or lost.