De Blasio & Cuomo’s plan to close school buildings in 9 zip codes should help frustrate the spread of COVID

Since NYC Mayor de Blasio & Gov. Cuomo agree: School buildings in 9 Covid-19 hot spots in Brooklyn & Queens are shuttered beginning today.

That is a blunt decision, but it should help frustrate the spread of coronavirus, which took lives of Jews & gentiles alike, more than 20K of them in New York City.

Synagogues & other houses of worship will have to follow, and soon, unless individuals who have flouted face covering & social distancing rules far too many times over recent months commit immediately & credibly to abiding by the public health laws. Freedom to worship is precious, but faith-based gatherings are subject to the same regulations as all others.

There’s been too little compliance & too little enforcement from NYC these past few months, and now we’re feeling the consequences. We’ll add that de Blasio and Cuomo alike made their jobs a helluva lot harder when they welcomed mass outdoor gatherings that happened to be under the Black Lives Matter banner.