Almost two-thirds of Americans are interested in taking a flight to nowhere according to a new poll

The thought of getting on a flight with no destination, flying for several hours, and then arriving back to the same airport is gaining traction over the world.

Australia’s Qantas, Taiwan’s EVA, Singapore Airlines and Japan’s ANA have all either run planes to nowhere or are about to.

However, the idea of the flight to nowhere hasn’t quite taken off in the US yet.

According to a new poll, almost 2/3 of US citizens say they would be interested in taking a sightseeing flight, or flight to nowhere.

No surprise, Gen Z/Millennials & Gen X folks, at 69% and 73%, respectively, are more likely than boomers & seniors to take such a flight. Baby boomers & senior citizens clocked in at 60% in favor & 46%, respectively.