A lack of quality information about Trump’s condition is putting investors in a tough spot

Trump is back at the White House. But a lack of valuable information about president’s condition is putting investors in a tough spot, with little clarity on how to trade an intensely unpredictable moment.

The president, who remains heavily drugged, is still infected with the Covid-19. However, his physician Dr. Sean Conley said it had been 3 days since president’s last fever & that his oxygen levels were normal, insisting that Trump met the criteria to be discharged.

Optimism about president’s condition drove a sharp rise in stocks on Monday. The S&P 500 rose 1.8% higher, while the Nasdaq Composite advanced to 2.3%.

Yet many aspects remain, preventing the momentum from spilling over into another trading session.

Investors don’t have quality data to work with. Conley, who has provided contradicting updates on president’s condition in recent days, acknowledged to reporters that Trump “may not be entirely out of the woods yet” even as he supported a “safe return home.”

The outlook for stocks could remain wobbly while Trump’s health remains in question.