Some of the biggest names in tech are investing in cloud computing to survive the Covid-19 pandemic

Cloud computing isn’t a great industry, but some of the top tech giants are staking their legacy on it. And the innovation has become essential to helping organizations manage business disruptions & create new digital innovations, something the Covid-19 pandemic has only made more clear.

Companies that had invested in cloud technology, that had adopted digital advancements, were the ones able to pivot more quickly. Businesses who had a great e-commerce stage did much better than those who did not. Companies who had used Artificial Intelligence as part of their supply chain to do more real-time forecasting did better.

Those advantages have meant a growing number of organizations investing in moving to the cloud, despite ongoing financial uncertainty. In particular, organizations in industries such as health care & finance that have been lazier to adopt cloud technology have a new sense of urgency to make the change.

While organizations wanted to transform or had multiple levels of digital transformation planning in place before, during the early days of the Covid-19 pandemic, they realized that they needed to put the foot down on the pedal in terms of investment in cloud technology.