Some NYC schools to close beginning Tuesday as the city tries to get ahead of a worrisome spread of Covid-19

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio on Sunday stated temporarily shutting down all schools & nonessential businesses in 9 hot spot areas with high test positivity rates in Brooklyn & Queens starting from Wednesday, pending state approval.

Governor of New York Andrew Cuomo permitted part of that proposal, allowing to shut down schools in those areas & moving their closures up to Tuesday. He rejected, though, to shut down nonessential businesses & religious institutions.

The conclusion to roll back reopenings in those 9 ZIP codes shows the challenge facing cities, states, universities & businesses as they try to balance the need to resume the economy with ensuring public health & safety during the Covid-19 pandemic.

By any measure, the United States has failed this challenge: temporary layoffs have become permanent, Trump has spent 3 days in the hospital after a White House Covid-19 outbreak & more than 40K Americans are newly diagnosed with the virus every single day.