An MRI showed a cyst in the Australian woman’s brain which was found to contain tapeworm larvae

An Australian lady found out that she had tapeworm larvae in her brain after experiencing chronic headaches for years.

According to the woman, 25, she would get headaches 2 or 3 times a month for the past 7 years. While she was taking migraine drugs, her most recent bout lasted for more than 7 days & caused more severe symptoms.

A Magnetic Resonance Imaging found a growth on her brain. Doctors who performed operation believed it was tumor but after removing it they discovered it was a cyst with tapeworm larvae.

The disease, which is called neurocysticercosis, is often fatal & can cause other diseases like epilepsy. It’s not known how the woman, who worked as a barista, had ingested tapeworm eggs, but it can be contracted by consuming undercooked meat, especially pork, or food that was prepared in unsanitary conditions.