New Covid-19 cases declining in Texas, Missouri & South Carolina while 21 states reported a rise in cases

Only 3 states in US are reporting a decrease in new coronavirus cases compared to last week, as the nation reached its highest daily rate of new cases in almost 8 weeks.

As of Saturday night, new coronavirus cases were declining in Texas, Missouri and South Carolina, while 21 states reported a spike in coronavirus cases & a little more than half held steady compared with the week before.

On Friday, there were 54,506 new reported cases, according to Johns Hopkins University, the highest single day case number since 64,601 cases were reported on August 14.

The rising Covid-19 count comes as the Trump joined more than 7.3 million people who have tested positive for coronavirus in the United States, a sobering reminder of the infection’s reach as health specialists urge continued vigilance during the fall & winter months.