Facebook’s new update makes it easier for people to find new groups & content from groups

American social media conglomerate corporation Facebook outlined several new updates recently, including changes that make it easier for users to find new groups & posts from groups.

Platform’s biggest update is bringing groups to the forefront: In the coming months, the company will start testing ways for more users to discover public groups in their News Feed or even off Facebook while browsing the internet.

For example, when a link or post about a popular TV show appears on the News Feed, people might see what other public groups they’re not in are saying about the posts, a feature Facebook is calling Related Discussions. People can also chime in on the comment section even if they don’t join the group, if the group administrator allows it.

Company wouldn’t explicitly say if political content from public groups would be recommended, but said topics would include entertainment, lifestyle, sports, consumer & human interest news, major cultural moments and holidays.

Adminis will have to opt-in to include their public groups in this feature.

Meanwhile under the groups tab, users will now see recommended posts from public groups they’re not member of, based on what’s popular & their interests. Until now, Facebook has only surfaced posts from groups you are a part of & suggested groups you might like.