A 30-year-old Chinese vlogger died after ex-husband set her on fire while she was livestreaming

A 30-year-old Chinese vlogger has died after her ex-husband allegedly doused her in gasoline and set her on fire as she was trying to livestream.

The video blogger, identified only as Lamu, appeared on the social-media site Douyin, the Chinese version of TikTok.

The lady who suffered burns over 90% of her body, died 16 days after the attack.

Lamu was a popular draw on Douyin for her makeup-free, chipper posts about rural life, according to the BBC.

But tragedy befell her on Sept. 14, just as she had begun a livestreaming session. On that day, her abusive ex-husband, known only as Tang, stormed into her house with gasoline and a knife, reported Beijing Youth Daily.

The screen then shockingly went blank for those watching Lamu, who was rushed to a hospital before ultimately succumbing to her extensive wounds on Wednesday.

Lamu’s brother-in-law said his wife mentioned that Lamu was often beaten by Tang.

She reportedly divorced him in May but he allegedly threatened to kill one of their two children if she did not remarry him.

In desperation, Lamu agreed but fled him soon after. Tang then visited her sister to ascertain Tang’s location but when she refused to divulge the address she too was beaten.

Lamu then divorced Tang a second time.

Tang was arrested on a charge of intentional homicide, according to a police statement.