Trump’s positive Covid test is a serious situation for the nation struggling with a pandemic & a deep recession

We wish Donald Trump and Melania Trump a quick recuperation from COVID-19. We are thankful Trump and Joe Biden didn’t shake hands or get excessively near each other in their Tuesday debate. This is gravely major for the most powerful country on Earth, one battling with a pandemic and a profound downturn, with approaching worldwide dangers, in the last legs of a run to a November election: diseases in the very seat of authority, conceivably empowered by a superspreader-in-chief.

74-year-old Trump, among the age segment normally most hurt by the infection; an investigation by researchers from Harvard University and Dartmouth College appraises that its casualty rate at age 75 is somewhat over 4%. Trump’s physicians have consistently said he is the perfect example of wholeness and wellbeing for a man of his age. On the off chance that it is truly evident, we implore it pays dividends now as he fights a sickness that has killed in excess of 200K Americans.

We puzzle over whether Trump, who may have been an asymptomatic spreader for quite a long time, will reexamine his position on face covering. In that debate, he disparaged Biden’s inclination to wear masks. Regardless of debate rules advising crowd individuals to stay masked, the president’s entourage all eliminated their masks after entering the hall. We intensely wish Trump’s case is fast, and that he doesn’t wind up among those he characterized as essentially no one both for the good of him and for our country.