Louisville cops were repeatedly told there were no drug packages delivered to the Breonna Taylor’s home

As per latest report, Louisville cops did a no-knock raid at the home of Breonna Taylor in spite of the fact that they were consistently told there were no packages, dubious or something else, shipped to the living arrangement that could be attached to their drug investigation. Breonna Taylor was lethally shot on March 13 after 3 Louisville Metropolitan Police officers burst into her residence to execute a search warrant connected to an opiates probe into her ex, Jamarcus Glover.

Sgt. Jonathan Mattingly and detectives Myles Cosgrove and Brett Hankison returned fire after Taylor’s beau, Kenneth Walker, fired an admonition shot. He later told specialists he thought somebody was attempting to break in. Taylor was stuck 6 times in the confusion and passed away in her residence corridor. No drugs were found at the home.

One day before the fatal raid, Detective Joshua Jaynes said he had checked through a US Postal Inspector that Glover has been getting packages at Taylor’s home. Be that as it may, declaration from an inner LMPD report, gotten by WDRB on Thursday, has raised questions on Jaynes statements. As per the Public Integrity Unit report, officers mentioned Shively police Sgt. Timothy Salyer and Det. Mike Kuzma question the postal inspector, who said there were no packages being sent to Taylor’s home.