Trump’s shameful display in debate forced the Commission on Presidential Debates to roll out new rules

Trump’s consistent hindering of former VP Joe Biden, offending his rival’s knowledge and attacking his family, all while over and again overlooking the moderator’s request that he adhere to the principles was such a despicable presentation that the Commission on Presidential Debates was constrained on Wednesday to turn out new guidelines to guarantee some semblance of order in future face offs.

They should’ve had the guidelines set before the main debate. We all saw this coming. As president, Trump has graduated to different types of terrorizing techniques. A year ago’s impeachment procedures started because of a shakedown of Ukraine’s president, keeping down U.S. military support in case he report an examination concerning Joe Biden and his family.

Trump verbally bugged the UK PM Theresa May over Brexit while, obviously, being respectful to his dictator buddies. In White House press conferences, Trump consistently assaults and belittles correspondents who challenge him. America’s moms and dads shouldn’t wince each time the president opens his mouth because of a paranoid fear of the example he’ll set. In any case, that is who’s in control until we kick him out.