Instagram users will now be able to message their friends on Messenger without needing a Facebook account

Few Instagram users will currently have the option to text their companions on Messenger, without requiring a Facebook profile. The step is the initial phase in Facebook’s arrangement to incorporate Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger, declared a year ago. The exertion could viably solidify Facebook’s predominance over the chatting market for quite a long time to come, and seemingly make it harder to separate the organization, which is confronting anti-trust examination in Washington.

Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger each gloat more than 1 billion dynamic month to month users. The feature for Instagram and Messenger users to text or video chat with one another is presently being tried in select markets and will grow all around the world in the coming months. The organization didn’t detailed further at a media meeting, however it said individuals on Instagram will opt-in to the updated functionality. It started testing the usefulness this mid year yet is presently turning it out more comprehensively.