Trump’s inability to tell the truth is a major reason why he must be prevented from another term in office

In the primary presidential debate of the general election today, the hardest test for Joe Biden, mediator Chris Wallace and a large number of Americans will be crashing through the snowstorm of lies emerging from the tongue of Trump. By one check, the quantity of lies since Trump went into the White House on January 21, 2017, is well over 20K. Trump’s powerlessness to come clean on enormous things or little is a significant motivation behind why he should be kept away from another term in office.

Add to these heap of untruths identified with a Covid-19 pandemic that has taken in excess of 200K American lives and tainted 7 million. It started when he misled the American individuals by deliberately minimizing the harmfulness of the infection and has proceeded apace from that point onward. Give the spinning dervish of double dealing a touch of credit for one obvious thing he said for the current year. On March 13, questioned regarding information about the absence of accessibility of COVID-19 testing, Trump conceded, “I don’t take responsibility at all.”