Rudy Giuliani claimed that Joe Biden has dementia & takes Adderall to treat his attention deficit issues

Ex-mayor Rudy Giuliani said without proof on Tuesday that Joe Biden has dementia and takes medication to remain on message, freakish statements that made his Fox News interviewers noticeably awkward. Giuliani blamed Biden for staggering over straightforward expressions like the Pledge of Allegiance in another push to ding the Democratic presidential nominee before his debate with Trump.

Giuliani blamed Biden for taking Adderall, an energizer that is in some cases used to treat mind alertness shortage issues. Unexpectedly, numerous anti-Trump people have blamed the president for taking a similar prescription. The wild declarations by Hizzoner left his Fox interviewers wriggling. Cutaway shots gave them looking awkward as they over and over tried to control Giuliani towards more traditional political targeting.