Ex-NFL star Joe Montana wrestled intruder who broke into a California home & grabbed his young grandchild

64-year-old former professional football player Joe Montana supposedly helped obstruct a potential kidnapping attempt on Saturday after an interloper broke into a California home and snatched his young grandkid. The episode happened when a 39-year-old lady entered through an opened entryway at the house in Malibu where Montana and other relatives were living.

The lady supposedly removed an infant from someone else’s arms, before Montana and his better half, Jennifer, fought the kid away from the supposed interloper. The lady purportedly then ran away from the house, however has since been hit with kidnapping and theft charges in the wake of being captured by authorities with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. Montana and his family have not publicly remarked on the episode. It’s hazy who was holding the infant when the supposed interloper snatched the child.