Babysitter charged with child endangerment after driving 3-year-old dying girl to hospital two hours away

Jaylynn Evans, a 3-year-old girl with COVID-19 passed away at a Queens hospital and her 59-year-old babysitter was accused of kid endangerment subsequent to driving two hours from the Bronx to get her there. Evans died at Cohen’s Children’s Medical Center in Little Neck on Thursday. Specialists called the cops around 7 p.m., and disclosed to them that babysitter Anthony Richardson had brought the child there from his Mott Haven home.

Richardson told police he was with Jaylynn, who lives in Brooklyn, and an additional 4-year-old girl sitting in front of the TV and eating tidbits when Jaylynn fell wiped out. Rather than calling 911, or taking her to Lincoln Medical Center almost a mile away, Richardson drove the two children to a Queens hospital two hours away. Richardson was accused of youngster endangerment three hours after police showed up at the hospital.