Swift & coordinated federal action from Trump on down could have contained COVID-19 much earlier

200K people have lost their lives in US this year to an infection that, with quick and predictable and facilitated federal activity from Trump on down, could have been contained. What’s more, the incomprehensible figure in all likelihood downplays by many thousands the original toll. The infection has killed Black and Hispanic individuals at a 3 times the pace of whites. However it preys most on the old and those with poor health conditions, it has affected everyone.

However Trump, who in excess of multiple times told his nation the infection would mystically disappear however he knew better, who has hawked garbage science from his bull podium, who has urged his adherents to oppose rational public health measures, had the nerve to remain before a cheering horde of generally unmasked acolytes on Monday night and state COVID-19 influences virtually no one.

Trump accused China, where the infection began and from which, in his words, it “escaped.” This resembles a mayor who killed the firehoses and guaranteed his residents that blazes would simply vanish accusing the man miles away who lit the match.