Apple launched its online store in India & aims to open its first physical store there next year

Apple started its digital store in India on Wednesday, denoting a major achievement in its arrangements for one of the world’s greatest economies. The iPhone creator likewise needs to open its first physical store there one year from now. For quite a long time, Apple and other unfamiliar retailers were confined from settling in India except if they sourced at any rate 30% of crude materials locally, driving the company to depend on third-party resellers. That changed a year ago when the Indian government loosened up some venture rules.

The organization’s new web based business stage presently lets people customize their own Macs online, something Apple had not had the option to bring to the table in India previously, while giving them a more restricted encounter, for example, the choice to etch their AirPods in seven Indian languages. The main thing is that it assists Apple interact with clients and acquaint more clients with its system.